Lynette Lee Eng

Lynette Lee Eng


I came to America because my parents sought the ability to pursue their work and beliefs free from government control. I ran for local office to protect my community’s ability to determine its own land use and maintain its suburban character. Unfortunately, our state government keeps trying to fix problems with simple solutions like raising taxes and moving zoning authority to regional and state bureaucracies. Maybe our elected officials should listen to the people rather than telling them what to do.


A 20-year resident of the Los Altos area, Lynette Eng stands out in her community because of her strong commitment to improving the quality of life for all residents. Lynette is the founder of the Grant Park Senior Center, which provides exercise programs, speaker series, lunches and a casual meeting place for all seniors. She takes an active role in local organizations, including Neutra House Historic Relocation & Preservation Committee and the Los Altos Dispute Resolution Service.

Lynette has been recognized as an “Asian American Hero” by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors.