Julie Meier Wright

Julie Meier Wright


Our two major political parties are increasingly driven by extreme ideology and the result is gridlock. Our citizens are frustrated at our elected officials’ inability to address complex problems that affect their everyday lives. We need a party “for the rest of us” – one that is responsible, open and inclusive, does not inflict ideological litmus tests on its candidates and elected officials, and one that will demonstrate that compromise is not a dirty word but a principled way to get things done.


A co-founder of the Common Sense Party, Julie Meier Wright is the retired chief executive of the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation and formerly California’s first Secretary of Trade & Commerce and a member of Governor Pete Wilson’s Cabinet.  

She is a Senior Fellow of the US Council on Competitiveness and the California Council on Science & Technology, serves on the boards of the Jacobs School of Engineering and Calit2 at the University of California San Diego and is on the Board of Expert Advisors for the California Emerging Technology Fund.  She consults on public affairs, advocacy and strategic planning both in California and in Japan, and was a co-founder of the California Economic Summit.