A New Kind of Platform, for a New Kind of Party

More than any singular, hot topic issue, our politicians must represent voters over donors, and be free to collaborate and solve problems without being ostracized by their party. 

Until the incentives for our politicians change, our politics will remain broken. Below is a list of reforms that need to come first before we can get meaningful solutions to the issues holding back our state and our country. 


Campaign Finance Reform

Equalize access to the political arena

The Problem:

Because running a political campaign is very expensive, big money interests dominate our elections. We must create alternative paths of funding to equalize the playing field and amplify the voices of everyday Californians who want to run for office. 

Potential Solutions:

  • Campaign matching funds
    The government matches campaign donations from individual donors under a certain amount. For candidates to take advantage of this program, they must agree to spending limits, mandatory public debates, and increased disclosure requirements. Just like that, we can boost the influence of small donors and encourage campaign transparency at the same time!

  • Democracy vouchers
    Democracy vouchers have made a positive impact in several cities across America. Similar to grocery store coupons, voters receive publicly-funded vouchers that they can then donate to candidates or campaigns of their choice. Those campaigns can then redeem the vouchers for dollars and use them for campaign-related expenses. Democracy vouchers amplify the voice of individual citizens by giving them a direct way to financially support candidates or campaigns. 


Voting Reform

Vote for the candidate you actually like

The Problem:

Nearly half of Americans identify as independents but feel they must choose from the lesser of two evils (or in California, hardly have choice at all). It’s past time we moved our voting system into the future - the good news is that there are many proven alternatives to choose from!

Potential Solutions:

Ranked choice voting, STAR voting, approval voting, proportional representation... Take your pick. All of these systems:

  • Allow voters to express nuanced preferences for each candidate
  • Eliminate the "spoiler effect" of a third party
  • End the need to vote for “the lesser of two evils”
  • Ensure votes are not wasted
  • Incentivize candidates to reach out to a broader spectrum of their constituents
  • Encourage civil campaigning over mudslinging


Legislative Reform

Stop legislative shenanigans

The Problem: 

Our current legislative system involves too much scheming and loopholing. We must establish transparency and accountability, and refocus our legislature on solving our common problems.

Potential Solutions:

  • Stop budget trailer bill maneuvers that circumvent public review of legislation
  • Prevent last minute gut and replace amendments and make the text of bills relevant to the title, and available in advance to review
  • Prevent killing bills in committee with no vote or accountability 
  • Non-partisan description of ballot measures