I am very concerned by the lack of action our legislators have shown regarding Fentanyl.

Democrats on key committees have stonewalled all bills proposing increased penalties with the exception of one proposal . It allows possession of up to 1 Kilo (2.2 pounds) before it becomes a felony. Fentanyl is a poison. An amount as small as 2 grains of sand can be lethal! How many grains of sand in a kilo? Makers, distributors and pushers of Fentanyl are murderers. This is no ordinary narcotics problem. Fentanyl is a lethal poison, this is murder and should be recognized as such.

Why has Fentanyl achieved such a hands-off status? It has been estimated that 300 people nationwide are dying of Fentanyl poisoning daily. Simple, Fentanyl is extremely profitable and the Chinese and Mexican drug cartels want to protect their business interests. It has been well-publicized that China and the likes of the Soros types are buying soft-on-crime officials and infiltrating our government, but little is mentioned of the drug cartels They have so much money that they can buy the best politicians, cops, judges etc. Those they can't buy, they coerce.

It is obvious permissiveness and a soft approach on crime is not working - make the punishment commensurate with the crime.

Don Lundholm, Rancho Mission Viejo