We believe that sports are an essential part of American culture. Besides the obvious health benefits, sports have the potential to connect people from all backgrounds and show the democratic spirit that America was built on.

The Common Sense Party believes in bipartisan collaboration that is necessary to solve some of our most pressing challenges. The two major parties have been shifting further away from each other with no overlap in their positions and no compromise in sight. This culture of hatred and division is harming our political environment and we believe that Pickleball could play a part in fixing it. Seriously. 

Pickleball, a tennis-like sport played on a smaller court, is the fastest growing sport in America. There are currently 36.5 million pickleball players estimated in the United States according to the Association of Pickleball Professionals. California has the largest number of Pickleball courts (794) allowing most California residents to find at least one court in their local area. Why don’t we get together and organize Pickleball matches connecting conservatives and liberals in one team? Why don’t we connect people over the love of this sport slowly removing the red/blue divide?

One of the greatest advantages of Pickleball is the affordability and accessibility. The paddle and ball can be purchased for <$20 and most courts can be booked for around $20 per hour. Due to the smaller size of the court, Pickleball places a gentle strain on the body which means anyone from children to older folks can play comfortably. It is also easy to learn, hence more fun and social. 

Polarization has reached highs we haven’t seen since the Civil War. Pickleball presents a creative way of connecting people who disagree with each other without putting pressure on them to express their viewpoints straight away. It offers a unique opportunity to unite America. 

Lucie Repova


California State Lead