San Diego, CA. - The Common Sense Party and its growing membership across California are calling for an end to the physical and rhetorical violence happening across the state.

Voters are looking for peace, prosperity and solutions during this tumultuous time, and we expect our elected officials to focus on solutions for voters, not scoring political points.

We decry the senseless violence that hijacked the legitimate protests of those coming together to mourn the tragic death of George Floyd and that hurt small businesses trying to succeed in the midst of COVID-19.

And we also recognize the heroism of brave and moral peace officers who put their lives on the line for their friends, family, and communities every day.

Tom Campbell, Chair of the Common Sense Party said, “As California enters Stage 2 of the COVID reopening, we need fewer politicians who point the finger at ‘the other side’ and cite them as the cause of injustice. We should, instead, be talking about how to reopen our economy in a way that provides support to marginalized communities, independent contractors, and small businesses that weren’t the beneficiaries of trillion-dollar bailouts.”

Over five million California voters have registered “no party preference,” or independent for the very reason we’re seeing today. The two-party system has become historically ineffectual, focusing on power instead of real solutions.

If you believe, as we do, that we can bring about a more just society by working with good people of every race, creed, and political ideology to pursue justice rather than division, we hope you’ll join us.

It’s time to build a new political party that will make the existing models obsolete.