Here are some race-neutral solutions that would benefit society as whole and consequently would eliminate opportunities for institutionalized racism to pop up:

  1. Legalize the manufacturer, transportation, and sale of ALL controlled substances — ideally to the point where the cost is on par with alcohol or less. Regulate similarly to alcohol. Offer substance abuse treatment instead prison for DUI, underage possession, etc.
  2. Remove the qualified immunity doctrine protecting questionable law enforcement behavior, end civil asset forfeiture (unless convicted by a jury), end no-knock warrants, end the militarization of the police — only allow law enforcement the same tools and firearms allowed to other civilians.
  3. Develop true school-choice programs where the money follows the student — not directed towards a government institution or a private workers union — where all schools private and public can compete for students without regard to ZIP codes or income brackets.
  4. Institute a 2-year national service program that gives those young people completing it a free 4-year degree and subsidized health care — similar to our military veterans.
  5. Change the tax system so that it focuses on land location values and not improvements, on natural resource exploitation not on wages, on carbon release not on the profit motive — similar to what has been proposed by Adam Smith, Thomas Paine and Henry George.
  6. Use the funds from number 5 to support a universal dividend payment to every citizen - much like proposed by Adam Smith, Thomas Paine, and Henry George.

And I’m sure there are a great deal other areas to reform — but if we start with these we will have come a long way to creating a more just society within the confines of individual rights, equal application of laws, and limited government.