I want ... and need ... to scream at the support of Right Wing extremism by non-extreme registered Republicans.

Today, there are basically two kinds of Republicans: (1) raging, anti-democratic right wing extremists — most, MAGA supporters of Donald Trump and his followers and growing group of potential successors — who seem to be at war with and dedicated to destroying the great American experiment in democracy; and (2) what remains of traditional mainstream Republicans who enable the extremists with their silence and votes, both as elected officials and as voting citizens in communities throughout this country. A country teetering, as a result of their support of that right wing extremism, on the edge of autocracy or worse. The fact is that the official Republican Party mechanism at the national, state, and local levels, has, to a frighteningly large extent, been functionally and practically taken over by a sick political witches brew of totalitarian authoritarianism, Christian Nationalism, racism, fascism, and a dedication to power ... typically absolute power ... over principle, all nourished and fostered by the cult of Donald Trump and his MAGA followers and successors like the Trumpenstein political monsters like Governor DeSantis and Kerry Lake in Arizona he directly or indirectly created. The GOP is no longer the party of Ronald Reagan or even Barry Goldwater. ‘Moderate Republican’ has become an absolute oxymoron and moderate, even great moderate and liberal GOP leaders of the past like Jacob Javits, Chuck Percy, Nelson Rockefeller, Margaret Chase Smith, and others like them, are long forgotten and would have no place and not be tolerated in the Party today.

Support of extremists. Dangerous Right Wing extremists are far from a majority of Americans. And, to be clear, they are not even a majority of Republicans (although a majority of Republicans, both voters and elected officials, seem willing to support them). The blind acceptance of those extremists by a strong majority of ‘mainstream’ registered Republicans has given the extremists electoral victories and power in many parts of the Country, especially the South and Midwest. In the 2022 election, Republicans worked hard, and with some success, to take over the election processes at the state and local level to the end of guaranteeing and extending their hold on power. While many, perhaps even a majority, of these efforts failed (but not all), they remain a goal of the Republican extremists.