Open. Inclusive.

California's political monopoly keeps a majority of voters from being heard.

We're a new political party for the rest of us.

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67,000 Goal

We need to get to 73,000 registered members with the Secretary of State to become an official party.

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More Choice.

In a world with unlimited choices, why should our politics be any different?

We are the Common Sense Party. We are fiscally responsible and socially inclusive.

We need 73,000 members by January 2024 in order to bring Californians the choice they deserve.

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WATCH: Our People on the Ground

The California Common Sense Party believes California has become a land of nonsense. You don't have to look far to find numerous examples of laws, regulations and government decisions by California that are true headscratchers. As the Common Sense Party, we thought it would be of value to start collecting examples in this, The Common Sense Catalogue of Nonsense.

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The Common Sense Catalogue
of California Nonsense

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Californians Deserve Better.

California inspires risk takers, visionaries, and entrepreneurs.

Our state used to take pride in our infrastructure, public education, environmental preservation, health, and safety. For decades, these investments enabled mobility up the economic and social ladder for all Californians and rapid growth for the State.

But an increasingly partisan environment has created bad public policy and blocks common sense solutions.

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Partisanship & special interests hinder independence and real solutions

6.6 Million

California voters are so dissatisfied they left both major parties

California is effectively a one-party state stifling independence

The Problem

Political parties exacerbate extremism through zero-sum electoral and governing strategies and give special interests inappropriate influence.

The way our current system recruits and screens candidates, funds and runs campaigns, and governs post-election, cries out for reform and real competition.

The system isn’t broken ... it’s fixed!

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The Solution

The Common Sense Party will provide an ongoing structure to support independent-minded candidates, revitalize competition in elections, and make officials responsive to their constituents, rather than party bosses and special interests.

Common Sense’s “open source” structure will level the playing field for qualified independent candidates, including independent-minded Democrats and Republicans.

We will foster independent candidates, build local chapters to provide grassroots support, and efficiently qualify good ballot initiatives.

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Step 1
Enroll 73,000 Voters
Step 2
Establish Party Platform
Step 3
Support Local & State Candidates
Step 4
Elect Common Sense Candidates
66% of Legislative seats OPEN by 2026.

Our political system isn't broken, it's fixed.

We encourage you to take 10 minutes to watch Katherine’s recent TedTalk that gets to the heart of the problem in America and also here in California.

The "broken" political system is actually working exactly as it has been recently designed to do: entrench the power of the Democrat and Republican parties, and enrich the consultants and special interest groups that surround them.

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Former CEO, Originator of Politics Industry Theory


Help us meet our goal of 68,000 members.

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